Chil Almond/Organic Soy Milk Baileys FROYO & Habitual 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate




I’d like to give a big shoutout to two local companies in London, ON (that I LOVE). I am a big supporter of local businesses (in fact, I work for one but in the HR/High-tech industry). I love buying products locally whenever I can, to help support our local economy and business owners. I am a HUGE fan of frozen yogurt….love love love it. I used to frequent Menchies way too often last summer, but realized though it is delicious, it’s not the healthiest. Don’t get me wrong, they do have some dairy-free options, along with sugar-free too. Enter Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar . This self-serve froyo place is the bomb!! They have so many organic and vegan options and they claim to have the largest number of toppings in Canada (though I personally prefer the froyo on it’s own, sans toppings). Chil is the first in Canada to provide 100% Certified Organic Frozen Yogurt, and they are proud to be Canadian owned and operated. I’m a huge fan. If I can suggest a flavour, it’s the Baileys Almond/ Organic Soy Milk flavour. WOW, party in your mouth!


A little about Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar (aka HOW they do it)

Chil offers 100% Certified Organic Frozen Yogurt. They also offer certified organic greek frozen yogurt, gelato, soy, kefir, almond milk and other dairy free options with flavours that change by the week.

“Chil is committed to changing the world we live in, so we recycle our spoons, use eco friendly cleaning products, and we support local farmers that use sustainable and responsible farming methods. We put a great deal of time and effort in sourcing the finest organic and all natural ingredients from local Ontario farmers and trusted distributors.”

And some more….(aka WHY they do it)

Chil claims that supporting local goes a long way. It supports important issues such as: a smaller carbon footprint, our local economy, job creation, our community, fresher ingredients, higher quality products, and keeping local farmers in business.

Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar is located at 620 Richmond Street (Literally around the corner from the Running Room).


I first found out about Habitual Chocolate at the London Food & Wine Festival that took place Jan,16-18th at the Western Fair Grounds. Going there to find out about Habitual Chocolate alone was worth it for me. I immediately bought my first (of soon to be many) Habitual Dark Chocolate Bars. I purchased the “Tamutembo” 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate bar. I was about to buy the 100% Cacao, but since I am used to eating 70%, I decided to go with this one first and slowly make my way up to the 100% pure, raw cacao. A little pricey you may think at first, but not really when you think of the quality of chocolate you are getting. For $7.00 you get 105g of pure dark chocolate goodness. I am forever a fan ❤ The guy I spoke to (one of the owners — is very friendly, and knowledgable). With only 3 ingredients (cacao beans, cacao butter, organic cane sugar) and amazing, rich, high quality dark chocolate you really cannot go wrong.

Habitual Chocolate is located at 900 King Street 900 King Street, (corner of Dundas and Ontario Street) in London, ON.

A little about Habitual Chocolate (aka HOW they do it)

“Our unique handcrafted chocolate gets its luxurious style from being stone ground in 50 lb microbatches at our chocolate roastery in the Old East Village, London, Ontario. Each batch is ground for several days to ensure a special balance between mouthfilling flavor and palate tantalizing acidity. This process always begins with freshly roasted ethically sourced cacao beans from our friends around the world”.

And some more…(aka WHY they do it)

“In 2009, while on a trip to Central America, we had an experience that forever pulled us into an obsession with fresh handmade chocolate. There while roasting cacao in the open air we fell in love with the smells, tastes and experiences associated with chocolate making. Since then we have travelled the world sourcing the best beans available and meeting the incredible people that grow it”.





2 responses to “Chil Almond/Organic Soy Milk Baileys FROYO & Habitual 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate

  1. I was obsessed with self-serve frozen yogurt places in the summer and went to Chil a couple of times…since its been cold out I havent craved it as much but I might have to make a special trip just to try the Baileys flavour – that sounds amazing! Hope you liked the Wine & Food show – I was there on the Saturday and didn’t get a chance to see everything, but it was fun!

  2. I know, me too Genevieve! Just make sure you ask in advance if they have it, they don’t always but it is AMAZING. Absolutely delicious. By the way, wish we were on the same blog platform so I could follow your blog! Natalie’s too. The show was okay, but not sure if I would go again. Liked finding out about the new local companies though!

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