Superfood Green Monster Smoothie




Breakfast! A Superfood Green Monster Smoothie. Total energy boost – perfect for starting a busy day. A bit tight for time, so here’s 10 benefits of kale (FYI). Kale is an anti-inflammatory, is loaded with antioxidants, is incredibly high in vitamin A, C, K along with potassium, lutein and manganese. In addition, kale is low in calories and carbs! Eat your greens! (or drink them). Juicing and smoothies are an excellent way to get your required servings of fruit and veggies. According to the Canadian Food Guide, adults between the ages of 19-50 should be consuming between 7-8 servings of fruit and vegetables (for females) and 8-10 servings (for males). They do your body good!

I’ll leave you with a funny, corny but cute quote I came across the other day: “Beets don’t kale my vibe.” Haha 😛


1 1/2 cup superfood mix (baby kale, baby spinach, chard)

3 fresh mint leaves

1/2 banana, chopped

15 green seedless grapes

1 kiwi, chopped

1/4 cup vanilla almond milk

1 tsp blue agave syrup

5 chunks of pineapple

5 ice cubes

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