Green Monster Juice + Fresh Orange Juice






Fresh, pressed juice!

So we finally broke down and bought a juicer. I’m in love! I always crave fresh juices, and now we don’t have to buy them locally (we still will, just not as often). So nice to be able to make your own juice at home! Juicing does require a lot of fruit and vegetables though, so be warned, you will go through your produce quickly if you juice everyday.

We randomly found a truck selling huge boxes of Florida Oranges last week while house sitting at my Mom’s house which is just out of the city. Talk about being at the right place, at the right time. We got a box of Florida’s finest oranges for a steal of a price. What to do with 40 fresh, sweet oranges? Hmm….make fresh orange juice!

Warning (#2): if you make a pitcher of fresh orange juice, you will use a ton of oranges. We use about 18-20 oranges which yielded a large pitcher of fresh juice.

I also made a green monster juice, and it was delicious. Tangy and extremely smooth/tasty! Yum.



Ingredients for Green Monster Juice

2 small green apples

2 stalks of celery

1 lemon

a large handful of superfood mix (baby kale, spinach and chard)


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