Organic, Raw Kombucha + Lärbar love



It’s been a busy week, and I feel like I haven’t had time to make any yummy new treats/meals. We’ve been having some pretty plain dinners as of late, your traditional meat, potatoes and veggies & fruit type dinner with homemade sauces to marinade the meat. No complaints, just like to be creative with food and always be trying new things. Speaking of trying new things, I finally got some kombucha to try. I like to share and post new products that I try every once in a while, and when I don’t have time to make something new. So here you are.

After hearing about kombucha for a long time, I finally picked some up. Kombucha is fermented tea that through the fermentation process, creates a delicious drink that has enzymes, probiotics and anti-oxidants. Kombucha is also high in B vitamins and is gluten-free, vegan and contains no GMOs. Kombucha originated in China as an elixir to “cure-all” and though there have been no controlled studies focusing on the health benefits of drinking kombucha, it is said to promote health and prevent against disease and other ailments. As always, take what you read with a grain of salt because many food products are marketed to be healthy and good for you, but there are no scientific claims to back that up. However, I am curious and wanted to try this so I bring you this post. I picked up three different kinds, including Multi-Green, Triology and Gingerade.

Sharing my love for Lärbar Fruit and Nut Energy Bars too. They are the perfect snack for when you are on the go (or any other time, too). Lärabars are gluten-free, vegan, kosher and made with only 2-9 simple and honest ingredients. I buy all different flavours of these yummy bars all the time, individually (blueberry muffin is my fav) but they can be bought in packs of 18 at Costco. They always satisfy by craving for medjool dates ❤ They can also be made at home with dates, nuts and dried fruits.


GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha (Multi-Green) with organic raw kombucha, algae, spirulina and chlorella.


GT’s Synergy Organic & Raw Kombucha (Trilogy) with organic raw kombucha, raspberry juice, lemon juice, and fresh pressed ginger juice.


GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha (Gingerade) with organic raw kombucha and fresh pressed ginger juice.


2 responses to “Organic, Raw Kombucha + Lärbar love

  1. Is there a second part to this article….there wasn’t any comments on how you liked or felt about the product or its benefits?

    • No there is not. Sorry about that. I love the products and continue to purchase both. The kombucha now and then, and always have Larabars on hand along with Cliff bars. The bars provide great energy and keep you full until a meal. The kombucha I don’t feel showed any immediate health benefits, as I drink it as a treat and not everyday. Hope that helps!

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