Purdy Natural Product Review

Time to switch things up a bit. I haven’t done a non-food item product review before, until now. However, I’m an advocate of all things that are beneficial to your health. That includes beauty products too. You care about what you put into your body, so you should care about what you put ON your body too. I’ve used mineral based make-up for years and years now, and haven’t looked back. Recently I had the opportunity to be a make-up model for a day. The talented Melanie Richards used products from Purdy Natural, which is a local company based in London, Ontario. Purdy Natural offers all natural skin care, soap and makeup, that are all made with love <3. If you’re local, you can stop in and see for yourself (111 Mount Pleasant Avenue, London, Ontario, N6H 1E1). When I can shop local, I always do. Plus, most of the makeup is vegan and all 100% cruelty-free – something I can for sure get behind and support.

I’m not sure what products Melanie used on my face, however I stopped into Purdy Natural yesterday and grabbed some products for myself. I’ve been a loyal Bare Minerals customer since, well…forever. However, Purdy Natural offers all natural makeup for a very affordable price. Much more cost-effective than the mineral makeup that I buy from Sephora.

Alright, so….here’s the haul that I got. I don’t buy makeup very often, but when I do I don’t mess around usually. It lasts, so why not. I wanted to get more, but I’ll save that for next time as I am extremely minimal when it comes to wearing makeup.

  • Beauty Balm Foundation in Sand
  • Lip Smoothie in Bordeaux
  • Spice Blush
  • 3 Eye Shadows (Virgo, Ochre Pearl, and Camel Taupe)

Check out more products in store, or online at www.purdynatural.ca. I don’t have the photographer’s photos yet, but photography was done by Ruthless Images.

The makeup feels incredibly light, and does not cake. I’m not a makeup reviewer by any means, so I’m not quite sure how this should go. The colours are very pigmented and are long-lasting. You’ll definitely be glowing! All mineral makeup is free from chemical dyes and skin-irritating ingredients. Products are also formulated with nourishing ingredients and best of all, all products are only tested on family & friends…NEVER ON ANIMALS! Purdy Natural Makeup Ingredients some information on the mineral makeup ingredients, should you wish to know. I can’t wait to try out some of their skin care line…move over Lush? We shall see 🙂

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