Pineapple Chickpea Tikka Masala… In a pineapple


You read that right. Pineapple chickpea tikka masala… in a pineapple. A pineapple bowl that is. Using a real pineapple, of course. Cause….why not? I have Pinterest to thank for this recipe with some of my own modifications.

It’s sweet and savoury, like a perfect balance between the two. Unlike the the standard chicken tikka masala, this vegan version is high in protein and fibre AND has no cholesterol. Plant-based for the win! It’s actually easy to make too and makes for a nice photo! Speaking of photos, apologies for the lack of them here, didn’t plan to post this but it was too good to not share.


1/2 cup basmati rice (makes two portions)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1/2 red onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tbsp garam masala

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp coriander

2 tsp curry powder

1 tsp ground ginger

2 tsp paprika

1 tsp turmeric

pinch of cayenne pepper

sea salt & pepper (to taste)

1 can chickpeas, rinsed

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can light coconut milk

2 tsp ( + more if needed) cornstarch (for thickening)

1 ripe golden pineapple, cut lengthwise

fresh cilantro (for garnish)


  1. Add the olive oil, onions, garlic and a pinch of sea salt into a pot. Cook over medium heat until the onions are translucent.
  2. Now add in the chickpeas, tomatoes and all of the spices (see ingredients list above). Simmer for 10-15 minutes over medium heat.
  3. Add in the coconut milk. Stir. Sift in cornstarch to thicken. Add in sea salt and pepper (to taste).
  4. Cook the basmati rice according to package (about 12 minutes). Set aside.
  5. Cut the pineapple lengthwise. Use a knife to cut the core out, and a spoon to scoop out all of the fruit. Place in a bowl.
  6. To prepare: add in the chickpea tikka masala, rice, and some pineapple into your pineapple bowl. Garnish with fresh cilantro.

** You’ll have leftovers of the chickpea tikka masala sauce. Make some more rice and enjoy it for lunch the next day (just in a regular, boring bowl…though…)**

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