Vegan Whole30 – 30 Day Recap


So here we are, 30 days later (well, 35 days later now since I am just getting to this post now) and the Veg Whole30 is complete. Here’s how it went, recalling it as best as I can. I’ve incorporated Mike’s perspective as well, for those interested in doing the regular version of the Whole30. We are very glad that we did it, and stayed committed to the program. It was a great experience and we learned so much.

Week 1: People say that the first week is the hardest, with days 10-11 being apparently the toughest. I didn’t have any issues, except on day 6 I really wanted just plain rice or plain pasta, or bread. That was after visiting our friends out of town and being around a bunch of things that were not Whole30 approved, so the next day it was tough. It passed quickly. I did not experience any of the “Hangover” phase that people report. Mike however had a bit of a headache the first few days, and didn’t have the best sleeps. My sleep wasn’t the greatest either, woke up often.

Week 2: Easier than the first week, though I didn’t find the first week too bad other than day 6 where I all’s I wanted was some grains. We started to get into the swing of meal planning which is key by the way, whereas week 1 I was making meals as we had them and it was a lot of work. At some point shortly after the week or two weeks in…I had really bad stomach pains one night. The worst stomach pains I have ever experienced in my life actually. Maybe a little TMI here, but it was because I was bloated and constipated for two days. The authors of the book/program said this could happen as part of the detox. It passed though after a few days and all was good.

Week 3: Totally into the swing of things, felt normal and routine. Felt great, but I felt great the whole time. Didn’t feel grouchy and slept well. Some of the best sleeps in a while actually. We both felt the whole “Tiger Blood” phase and had tons of energy and felt AMAZING.

Week 4 + a bit: Routine, looking forward to completing the challenge but nervous too. Still felt amazing at this point. Sleeps were great, mood was awesome, skin nice and clear. Etc. Etc. All that good stuff.

Weight? Well it turns out I lost 13 pounds during the challenge, though that was not the goal of completing this challenge. Mike lost 14 pounds during the challenge.


  • Eating whole foods is the best thing for your body. They keep you fuller longer, and they make you feel your best. I mean that. Mentally and physically.
  • Sugar is in EVERYTHING. We already knew that (mentioned that in my week 1 recap post) but really noticed it as we completed the challenge. I’m used to reading labels, but will be even more mindful of this now.
  • Meal prepping is so key! So great to have healthy options made ahead of time.

Overall, the challenge did everything it said it would. It’s changed our relationship with food, and since it was for 30 days it has really helped us to develop some healthy habits such as not snacking on chips at night time, and focusing on eating whole foods as much as possible. It is worth doing if you are looking to see what foods may be causing problems for you, such as bloating, skin issues, etc. along with other ailments. You will view food differently and it will make you mindful of what you eat going forward. Would I recommend this? ABSOLUTELY. It’s only for 30 days, and you will learn a lot of things about your current habits and pick-up on some new healthy habits all the while. Plus, you’ll lose some weight which may or may not be the goal. The purpose of the program however is to achieve total health and food freedom.I am thankful to be able to incorporate all legumes however, and grains. I do not think that all things that you have to eliminate during the program are problematic though such as legumes and whole grains. As a vegetarian that is mostly vegan, I think that they are much healthier than all of the meat that the program encourages. I respect the opinions of the authors however, and think it’s a wonderful challenge to try for all of the reasons stated above.

6 responses to “Vegan Whole30 – 30 Day Recap

  1. Wow, that’s great! We typically eat pretty healthy, but with creating new recipes for the blog, I’m the first to admit that I’ve definitely overindulged with the sugar and grains as of late — so I’m interested to see this goes for the next month! Thanks for sharing you and yours hubby’s perspective!

    • You’re welcome! I personally love doing it. You feel rest and there’s a feeling of pride knowing you are putting wholesome foods into your body and nothing but. Best of luck and can’t wait to hear how it went for you once you finish! Each time I know of someone that does it, it makes me wish I was doing it too – it’s so great!

  2. Hi just read your recap and thank you! I have been vegan for 7 years but have been wanting to do a little restart to make healthier choices and rely less on packaged foods. I haven’t seen much on doing a vegan whole 30, so this was super helpful! Thanks! 🙂

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